In a triangle ABC, perpendicualr distance of BC from the point of intersection of angle bisector of angleB and angleC is……………..



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Updated On: 17-5-2021

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00:00 - 00:59in triangle abc perpendicular distance of BC from point of intersection of angle bisector of Angle B and C is Discover triangle and this is a triangle in which angle is a public perpendicular bisector which is the beauty and this is this angle affecting b b b and this is also be by 20 single is 3 by 2 and resources to this is the altitude we can say it comes out BP so let the length of X and the total length is eat this lens will be a minus x 10 point bi tube and right and right to is nothing but Cuba extended to you by X this is Q and b and 10
01:00 - 01:59but visiting but Kyon Upon A -1 this a minus x x is equals to 2 into cot B by 2 this is your first and second one else can see by 2 minus x is equals to cure throat and see but we can write a minus x is nothing but kyu COD bo2 is equal to q and minus Q Court by2 can be written as kyu court c b 18 convert into this site so a is nothing but you into court by 2 + cot b b two values to another but a divided by 3 by 2 + cot B can write this is a upon 1 + 1 upon X 201 content + 1 upon 10 B by 2
02:00 - 02:59in triangle abc and c b visiting by Delta upon X into x minus 3 and 10 B by 2 is nothing but Delta kaun si m2s - from this you can try this as upon x minus 1 into x minus 3 Y + 1 into x minus b / Delta you can talk on Hindu upon x minus 3 into x minus b can write this as to minus is equal to a + b + C or we can say that a minus b + C is equal to 8 that what we need to that intersection of angle bisector of the is nothing but I'm writing your Delta bi S is nothing but
03:00 - 03:59mobile belt of a device that is something but it upon as this is our values as which is our thank you

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