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Class 12






Trigonometric Ratios And Transformation Formulas


In a triangle ABC, if sinAsin(...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : `sin(B-C)/sinC = sin(A-B)/sinA`<br> `=>(sinBcosC - sinCcosB)/sinC = (sinAcosB - sinBcosA)/sinA`<br> `=>sinBcotC - cosB = cosB - sinBcotA`<br> Diving both sides by `sinB`,<br> `=>cotC -cotB = cotB - cotA`<br> `=>2cotB = cotA+cotC`<br> Therefore, `cotA,cotB and cotC` are in A.P.

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so in this question we are given that sin a sin b minus is equal to a and have to prove that cos a cos b cos C are in AP ok so for this first of all we use this equation what will do is really just a divide the whole equation on both sides by sin ABC we will be left with sign of B minus C upon sin b science and on this side will be left with sign of a minus b and sign of a sign of be left with no will open this open the upper part Sin B minus Sin A minus b using this formula it will come out to be so it will become a sin b cos C minus

cos B sin C for the left hand side and under this it'll be signed by inside sea for the right hand side it will become so it will be aware that will come Sin A cos minus cos a sin b upon sin a sin b now what will do this with separate all these Tum these terms and we will just take it with the denominator let's write it down so it comes out to be here you can see when we separate this term ok let me just for separated so fine because she upon

Sin B sin theta minus Cos sin C upon sin b sin C similarly here also sin a cos b sin a sin b minus cos a sin b upon sin a sin b so here are the silence item will get cancel out similarly here there's also and this also so now we're left days it will be caught see you take a close look at will cause a porn sites had become Scott assembly here also it becomes

this will become called me and this will remain and this will be caught a solar you just bring this to joins two sides together so what do you left cot a + b is twice of what we know one thing we know one thing we should remember is that in an ap so in an ap is a and these are the terms suppose The Other terms in AP will be the relation between them is that the difference between a and b will be equal to the difference between VLC so therefore we can see that B minus A is equals to see mine is this this is what the formula what AP has to take so from there you can see is that a

Lassi will be equal to twice of be ok so try Sabhi so this is if any if any three towns which hold the situation true can be considered in AP and this is nothing but it is the formula of Arithmetic mean which is it whenever three terms of an ap are considered so this becomes Arithmetic mean if you take a closer look at this this week I'm sari dasvin kaksha c&s become Sabhi and is already here so we can say that that from by comparing these two formula by comparing this and this we can say that what they called me and cozzi belong to an ap heads and status through this is our answer you can see that here that got a cordial courtesy

is it was equation from them from this equation

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