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In a throw of two dice , what...

In a throw of two dice , what is the probability of gatting a 7 or 11 ?


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : Let A be the event of throwing a 7 and B be the event of throwing (65) or (56) for a total of 11 <br> Since these event are mutually exclusive ` P(Z uu B) = P(A) P(B) = (6)/(36) + (2)/(36) = (8)/(36)` <br> In conditional probability , the sample space is reducced to the set B rather thatn the set of all out <br> comes , and the favorable outcomes are those in both A and B ` (AnnB)= P(A |B)` is the probability <br> that A occurs given that B occurred . This results in the formula ` P (A|B) = (P(Ann B))/(P(B)) ` . <br> Multiplying both sides of this equation by P(B) produces the equivalent formula ` P(A nn B) = ` <br> P(B) P(A)b) . If the probability of event A occurring does not depend on whether event B occurs. <br> then A and B are said to be indepancent P(A|B) = P(A) . thus , if A and B are indepandent <br> event ,` P(Ann B) = (P(B) . P(A)` .


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Kuchh Nahin was another of two dice what is the probability of getting a 7 or an 11 so first of all we know that we can't get a 7 and an 11 intro to rise hydrogen get the sum as only one of these numbers so we know that these are two independent events probability does not have an introduction to define the seven let a be the event that the sum of the sum of the two numbers that come upon the two days is 7:00 let the event that the sun will be required to find out where is the probability of getting a 7 or n11c means both results have to be considered

Roti essentially need here is probability of a union b 1 cup tea so since they are independent of each other the formula we use hair is probability of a plus probability of the right there is no intersection so we found out we find out the possibility of a and b right now to get the sum as 7 what are the possible outcomes for what are the possible outcomes of today's right so its types can have the result 126 write both of them can have 1262 the total number of outcome will be in the form of x and y x reader

X = number on the first dice and Y = number on the second grade 2 total of 36 possible outcome right is because I can go to X can go from 1 to 6 vi can go from 12688 possible causes this range X this range it is 36 write 6636 out of this 36 possible outcomes how many of them are favourable to the event a for the event a right to get from of 7 we can have 16

Assam of 721625 34 and then the opposite order 435 and 616 outcomes for a similarly for event be we need a sum of 11 so that the possible outcomes are only two these are 6165 so now we find their probabilities property of event occurring is number of favourable outcomes by total number of wicket 6536 equal to 1 by 6 probability of be again number

total number of outcomes so we have to buy 36 is equal to 1 by 3 now what we require your property of a union b e r to add probability of a and probability of B Suno sure the denominator the different where are you are there are saying so we'll use these numbers they are essentially the same number 636 + 36 = 8536 now we can we get 998 probabilities to Banaye