In a throw of two dice , what is the probability of gatting a 7 or 11 ?


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Let A be the event of throwing a 7 and B be the event of throwing (65) or (56) for a total of 11
Since these event are mutually exclusive P(ZB)=P(A)P(B)=636+236=836
In conditional probability , the sample space is reducced to the set B rather thatn the set of all out
comes , and the favorable outcomes are those in both A and B (AB)=P(AB) is the probability
that A occurs given that B occurred . This results in the formula P(AB)=P(AB)P(B) .
Multiplying both sides of this equation by P(B) produces the equivalent formula P(AB)=
P(B) P(A)b) . If the probability of event A occurring does not depend on whether event B occurs.
then A and B are said to be indepancent P(A|B) = P(A) . thus , if A and B are indepandent
event ,P(AB)=(P(B).P(A) .


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to any through of two dice what is the probability of getting a 7 9 11 so when two dice are thrown simultaneously the total number of options that we have at 6 into Se 36 results we have 36 options out of them we could get 7/6 ways only that is 16 text coma one 25 57 3 comma 4 43 there are 6 ways of getting 7 and there are only two ways of getting 11 56
and 6 comma 5 and the question is thing or and not and we will to add these two options this will come out to be sex by 36 Black 2 by 36 which is equal to 8 36 this 836 on simplifying welcome out to be 9 by 18 as you can be on further simplification it will come out to be train 23 is 9 and print 2638
you can see this and 2 by 9 8936 418 to binary thank you

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