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In a survey of 600 students in a school, 150 students were found to be taking tea and 225 taking coffee, 100 were taking both tea and coffee. Find how many students were taking neither tea nor coffee?



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Updated On: 30-5-2021

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Solution :
Let universal set U is the set of all students of the survey and T is the set of student taking tea and C is the set of students taking coffee <br> then `n(U)=600,n(T)=150,n(C)=225` <br> and `n(T capC)=100` <br> `:. n(T cup C)-n(T)+n(C)-n(T cap C)` <br> `150 + 225 - 100` <br> `= 275` <br> Number of students who take neither tea nor coffee <br> `= n(U)-n(T cup C)` <br> `= 600-275 = 325` <br> Therefore, 325 students take neither tea nor coffee.



00:00 - 00:59hello friends question is in a survey of 600 students in a school 150 students were found to be taking tea 250 taking copy100 for taking tea and coffee science how many students taking needed is not a 600 is a Universal set to number of elements in universe statistics Android and element number of different which take tea is 150 copy is 25 and both and coffees and coffee is 120 or copy will be
01:00 - 01:59Ante enti -3 action here and 150 NCS 225 - it will be free 7575 number of students which take aur coffee 75 needed or coffee will be number of students in the group -75 right it will be reunion ki Vijay and you - and number of students are 660 copies 275

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