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In a survey of 100 persons it ...

In a survey of 100 persons it was sound that 28 read magazine A, 30 readmagazine B, 42 read magazine C, 8 read magazines A & B, 10 read magazine A & C and 5 read magazine B&C and 3 read all the three. Find how many read none of three magazines?

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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hello everyone the question is that in survey of 100% it was founded that 28 read magazine A13 magazine b-42 read magazines 388 magazines and be Candid magazine and firing medicine B and C and three read all the three find how many return of the show first of all total is given to us that is hundred will write that and you is equal 200 that is hundred people are 2928 read medicine a so we can write it that number of people reading medicine a or let se is the set of the people who are eating Maggi Ne so number of a and b is equal to 28 similarly number of people sitting medicine bi we can write l and b is equal to 30

then and C is equal to 42 write a story that a trade magazine A and B that we are the people whom it may also be also so we can write it s a n a intersection b is equal to 8 similarly and a intersection C that is the person who are reading a all sincere and a B intersection C is equal to why this is all given noticed all the three read all the three that means all three all common to that that can be written as n a the section b intersection C is equal to 3 now we have to

find that read none of the three medicine now let see let the let's find the number of people who are reading ABC all three or you can say number of people at finding the number of people who read a b or c but they are reading something let's find that then we can find the area of the three measures 16 we have the standard formula that an a union b union c is equal to b have this formula standard formula and a plus and B that is number of people in B Plus and minus and a intersection b minus b intersection C minus

a intersection C plus a section B intersection C this is the standard formula now what we will do you just place the values and age 28 NVS 30 answer is 42 - take out the - common so 8 + 10 + 5 plus 3 this will give us when we are going to address this is going to give us a 3 + 5 that is 23 AC bus separate from yellow first of all at this sweet is going to give us 28 + 42 so 70 70 + 3100

- Vishesh 18 + 520 3 + 3 it is going to give us 8080 are thus to it are the people who are they doing anything like ABC but they are we want that none of the person reading ok so we can write the answer that number of people or Number of persons who are reading none of this that means they are not reading a they are not reading with you are not reading she is equal to we can write l total -100

district 200 - 80 recharge 20 Sudheer designer h this is the answer I hope you understand the solution thank you

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