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In a single throw of two dice...

In a single throw of two dice , what is the probability of a total of 12



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Updated On: 30-4-2021

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00:00 - 00:59blueprint for today's question is in a single through of two dice that if two dice are thrown then we have to find the probability that the total on the Denim total of the numbers on the two dice is equals to 12 so solution part the sample space of the two type dies will be 112 up to 16 that is one on first as and when it s i the first and second up to 1 and 6 1 second and 2 and 12 on first one second and up to 2 6 sem 3 on
01:00 - 01:59306 S ise 4142 up 246 having the numbers 43 44 45 and then forces that is 4 and the first and getting we are getting one on the second as to on the second and third 3 on the second that this be so 521256 6162 EP 2662 this is our sample space it is having 36 elements in total that is on first dice 66 cases are possible 1234566 numbers are possible and se
02:00 - 02:59on the second then 6 numbers are possible 123456 to 6 x 6 that is 36 so a total of 36 elements are there in the samples so we have to find the probability of getting a total of 12 so the only element 66 is is the element that gives a total of 12 x + 6 is 12 to the only element is this all the other elements and having a total less than 12 that is 5 lips on the example of Commerce 100 it is 5611 we're having 65 it is also 11 and all the other will be less less than 11 to the only element is this show the probability of getting a total of 12 will be show how to calculate probability we are going to use here probability of
03:00 - 03:59an event suitability of age number of favourable outcomes of favourable outcomes upon total outcomes total outcomes is sample space so number of favourable outcomes of pond total outcomes that is sample space to the probability of getting a total of 12 will be favorable outcome is 1 number of favourable outcome is one will be equal to 1 upon total number of outcomes is 3636 this is the probability of getting a total of 12 thank you

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