In a parallelogram `A B C D ,\ A B=10 c m ,\ A D=6c mdot` The bisector of `/_A` meets `D C` in `E ,\ A E\ a n d\ B C` produced meet at `Fdot` Find the length `C Fdot`

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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today question is in a parallelogram ABCD ab is equal to 10 cm is equal to 6 CM if the bisector of angle a PC in a NBC produced meet at app find the length of the year so let this question so according to the question diagram is something like this that ad is produced at h which meet HF and similarly BC is produced at F2 now is busy after construction ebc ABCD is a parallelogram is a parallelogram alright it mean with me it implies that AB is parallel to CD Elite by Construction by construction bhai

construction SBC HD DH FB is also Telegram is a kg to it mean if it is a parallelogram therefore HF HF r s s i t h is parallel to EF is parallel to CD Elite show from first and second from first and second Tom equation per and second what we can write read and write read and write at a b parallel to ab we can write first and second fsh is parallel to ab

30 question again will be shooting net that but you can see that angle of transport for AVN atah as air is transfer portal translate for for atta and every for HF and ab Jaipur Jaipur angle triangle this angle and its angle is equal angle at the Fe angle at f is equal to angle HF is equal to angle s a d f bi

alright and alternate interior angle alternate interior angle now ABP death abhi abhi aap already given that angle h a f angle HCF and angle fabric8 at a is equal to angle abc why because because because it is a angle bisector because the bisector of angle A M T C in a we have already given Elite we have this condition to from these two what we can provide on this to within right angle

HF second hand right angle h f a is equal to angle at a if this can be written as this is what we get this is what we get now now if we going Triangle in triangle at a f in triangle triangle h a m aise hi h will be equals to will be equal to will be equal to utter why side opposite to the equal angles are equal side opposite to equal angle angles are equal

therefore they approach as we know as we know that at f is equal to 10 cm h f is equals to 10 cm why atoms is equal to 10 cm because because HF is parallel to ab and ab is equals to 1024 HF or effect is also equal to 10 cm in a parallelogram sides are parallel opposite sides are parallel and equal to at a distance of 10 cm and ac is equals to utter therefore Jaipur also tension right now year to the polls 2 year physical 280 plus TH a h is equals to

add plus equals to 80 + HD Elite so it is equals to 10 cm and we have given it is equal to 6 cm is equal to 6 cm is equal to HD is equals to write it is equals to Jaipur what we can write as as dhfc be a valid ID proof by construction as dhfc is a parallelogram therefore HD is parallel to HD parallel to FB FB

and HD is equals to 80 ft is equal to 4 cm is equal to 4 cm this is it I hope you understand solution thank you

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