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Class 12






Nta Jee Mock Test 102


In a harmonic progression t_(1...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : A

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hello students let's discuss the question in harmonic progression T1 T2 T3 are the n terms and it is given that root 5 is equal to 2086 is equal to 50 in SN denotes the sum of first n terms of this then the value of n for which the assigned is maximum so let's begin with solution of this question so since our harmonic progression will be given by T1 T2 T3 and up to and terms so our rivers of this that is inverse of this HP so that it will be one by one and one by two that is one by one power 1 by 2 and they will be in arithmetic progression will consider that this will be first term and the first time can be named as a and this will be a second term and common difference is considering it then this will be a plus the possibility to fill process and then this 5th term that is 85

5 is equal to 22 the 5th term of this arithmetic progression that will be equal to 1.5 so we can say that a + 4 day that will be equal to the term and that will be equal to 1 + 1 upon 20 similarly the 6th term is given as this 50 for the harmonic progression 26 the term for this progression that will be able to 1552 from here we can say that a + 5 day which is given by system and this will be equal to 1 upon 50 so if you subtract both the situation we get 5D -4 and that will be equal to 5 t minus 40 and this is one by 15 - there will be won by 20 so from here this will be fayde -40 which is D and so on solving just LCM will be hundred and this will be here to -50 from here this will become D and the value of t is equal to minus 3 upon hundred

so if you just created this value of this community here is less common difference not the distant so this deal if will substitute into this equation we get over a year and this will be minus 3 into 5 upon hundred pages 3 EP 100 is value of this so here I will be 112 equal to 1 upon 5150 can be written as to appear 100 also this will be this to upon hundred so it will just solve this so we get a value of 8 and that will be equal to 2 upon hundred plus this wife into that will be 15 upon hundred so from here with the value of this way that will come out to be 17 upon hundred now in the question they are saying that we have to find maximum value of n for which is the sum of this harmonic progression is maximum so if yes then this we have to we want the maximum

this is to be maximum since the discriminant of this expression or we can say this progression is negative so basically this is increasing decreasing harmonic progression or decreasing arithmetic progression show up until the value of this isn't to be positive we will get the value of this end because if this lesson is positive then we will get the maximum tum aur we can say this and also for the sale or we can say the last term of this arithmetic progression if that will positive then the sum will be positive and then after that if this item will be negative then this song will be negative or decreasing so for the assent to be maximum this a into B positive from here we can say that a plus and minus 1 into di that is in the term of the arithmetic progression with a and must be positive so here is the value of a is this 17100 already form so this will be 17

and here will bridges and -1 then we have to find the value of n on the integrity of the is minus 3 upon hundred basically that must be positive for it will take this LCM of 100 and cancel this so we will get here this will be 17 and care will be - 3 and + 3 and that must be positive so from here we get our three and that will be the 2020 so this in this and will be less than 20 8.3 and that will be given by 16 23 so basically this is a little bit greater than 6.3 33 something and this must be less than this that end with less than the 6.33 from where we can say that the value of n that will build equal to 6 answer to this person will be option A that is 6 thank you

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