Updated on:30/05/2023

In a fort, 360 men had provisions for 21 days. If 60 more men join them, how long will the provisions last?


Text Solution

The correct Answer is 18 days


hello friends question is in a Fort 360 men had provisions for 21 days is 60 more men joined them how long will the provision last now let the provision last BX now if 60 men join then total men Titus 360 360 + 60 that will be 420 man right sunao according to the question how long will the provision last so we can write 420 Into
X is equals to 3 20 into 21 that will be X = 27560 by 240 sorry 420 right so we can write X equals to 18 so therefore 18 days the provision will last so this will be Radha for this question thank you


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