In a football championship, 153 matches were played. Every two teams played one match with each other. The number of teams, participating in the championship is …….. .



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Updated On: 21-5-2021

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00:00 - 00:59question is in a football Championship 150 matches were played every two team played one match with each other the number of teams participating in the Championship we have to find this true to solve this question firstly we will let the number of team participating in a number of team participating RTC pating in championship let it is be champion shape is now it is given in the question that every every two team played one match with each other It means we can say that total number of matches are played from and matches total matches are played because total matches RN and
01:00 - 01:59two matches are played so and C2 now it is given 153 matches were played so I can ride and C2 equal to 153 as we know to solve NC to means factorial and and -1 I can ride upon 2 equals to 153 how it comes to solve this means factorial is factorial to into and -2 factorial as we know that to solve factorial every time we have to subtract a number -1 from each type so I can write it and as an end in mind it means factorial to value is to 2 into 1 and -2 factorial that will be cancel also remaining part equal to 153 so I
02:00 - 02:59can write it after cross multiply it can be written any square minus is equal to 2 into 153 306 now it can be written as a square minus minus 306 equal to zero it is quadratic equation for military state method as we know we have to take 360 so18 into 17 is 306 and the difference between 18 and 17 is one can write it and -80 and n + 17 = 200 n is equal to 18 first value and = 2 - 17 S S B no negative value is not possible so we can say that can be negligible the correct answer is and is equals to 18 thank you

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