In a DeltaABC," if " a^(2)sinB=b^(2)+c^(2), then :



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Updated On: 18-5-2021

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Text Solution

`angleA` is obtuse`angleA` is acute `angleB` is abtuse `angleA` is right angle

Answer :



00:00 - 00:59hello everyone today we are going to discuss one more question the question is that if in a triangle ABC if a square find the equal to b square + c square then we have to find which of the following are correct that a square Sin B is equals to B square + c square so we can write it as a subject a square of side we can write its a square sin b - of a square is equals to B square + c square minus of a square as we know that course of a is equals to cos of a is equals to hear b square + c square minus of a square divided by the triangle ABC here so we can write this one is equal to a square sign of the latest square sin
01:00 - 01:59b - 1 this one is equals to speak and write it has to be see into course of Subah simplifying this week and write it as this one is equals to have a square sin minus of 1 / with to BC which is equals to course of a year so this one is employed as a b c are size reduction is implied ABC all are greater than zero so if this is implying course of and course and as we know that signed between minus 12 + 12 sign you must be less than one year to this quantity maybe = 20 or less than zero if this quantity is equals to zero this one as implying a is equals to the course of a Kuchh to see you dear sign of bfb know that sign of B is between + 12 - 1 here its quantity is equals to
02:00 - 02:59sign of weakness to hear this course of equals to zero scores of a = 20 and this one is implied here if a = 20 then this one is not triangle ABC is given that ABC is a triangle and if any triangle is equal to Z Dushman is a line which is straight line near to this one is not possible this one is implying that this quantity must be less than zero if this quantity must be less than zero as we know that it course of theta is equals to zero then this one is applied course of is between 9292 1 92 182 Dushman is implying angle A is an acute angle so this one is applying hear other option is correct I hope you understand the explanation thanks for watching

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