In a `Delta ABC,` show that ` 2R^(2) sin A sin B sin C=Delta.`

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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11 so here we have a question in a triangle ABC show that you are square sin a sin b and c equals to delta delta is the area so let's go to solve taking a triangle triangle now and ABC as its vertices and it is ABC then a inside of the length of BC b is the length of a c and C is the length of Ab ok now we know that we know that 1 by sin = 2 sin a = 2 x x

the value of sin will be a bi Chuha will be insane she will be loved by you are ok now inside I am putting all the value so I get writing first election OK Google equals to 2 RS city tour in place of sin and putting this value will be fine

are not replacing Sciences because it will make this to with this to and cancelling out this all with this and these are with this are about to a sign that the formula for area of triangle is noted by Delta always equals to 1 by 2 ab science and see what we got we can say that to a square

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