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Class 12






Permutations And Combinations


In a class there are 12 boys a...

Updated On: 27-06-2022


Text Solution

Solution : The teacher has to perform two jobs <br> (i) Selecting a boy among 12 boys and <br> (ii) Selecting a girl among 7 girls <br> The first can be performed in 12 ways and the second in 7 ways . <br> Hnece, either a boy or girl can be selected for a competition in 12+7=19 ways.


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hello friends so it's a question it says that in a class there are 12 boys and 7 girls the teacher wants to select either a boy or a girl to represent a class in the competition in how many ways the teacher makes this selection ok so it is given that there are 12 boys and 7 girls rate no it teacher as a select either a boy or a girl for a competition so she can select one out of his 12 boys in 12 days B is selected things from 12 number of things can be done in 12th 31 weeks similarly select a girl out of the 7th class in 731 ways right so well C1

is basically equal to 12 and 731 is basically equal to 7 train no it was given that either she has letter word or a girl Idol she can select a boy in 12 days or chicken selected in 7 days we should the total number of ways available to her is Wealth Plus 7 rate so the total number of ways in which the teacher can select ID or a girl is 12 + 7 ring so that is equal to 1902 number always available to teacher for the selection is 19 this will be our answer this will help me thank you


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