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Class 12






Probability II


In a class of 10 student, prob...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Answer : B
Solution : Let P(i) be the probability that exactly I students are passing an examination. Now given that <br> `P(A_(i))=lamda_(i)^(2)(where lamda"is constant")` <br> `impliesunderset(i-1)overset(10)sumP(A_(i))=underset(i-1)overset(10)sum lamdai^(2)=lamda(10xx11xx21)/(6)=lamdaxx386=1` <br> `implieslamda =1//358=5//77.` <br> Let A reprsent the event that selected students have passed the examination. Therefore, <br> `P(A)underset(i-1)overset(10)sumP(A//A_(i))P(A_(i))` <br> `=underset(i-1)overset(10)sum(i)/(10)(i^(2))/(358)` <br> `=(1)/(3850)underset(i-1)overset(10)sumi^(3` <br> `=(10^(2)xx11^(2))/(4xx3850)=11/14` <br> Now ` P(A_(i)//A)=((PA//A_(i))P(A_(i)))/(P(A))` <br> `=(1/358xx1/10)/(11/14)` <br> `=(1)/(11xx55)xx1/5=1/3025`

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ok guys let's start this mission in a class of 10 students probability of exactly once when passing an examination is directly proportional to square and answer of following question the probability that exactly 5 for passing an examination is OK to find that the probability for students passing an examination right so let I Pro web military dad Patni bus student pass Singh examination date so po2 square

Valentine's a constant rate was considered this land to the cost and so with that submission of my equal to 110 student write the mission of I want up to 10 square is equal to 10 into 11 into 21/21 hair into 21 divided by 6 which is equal to Lambda into 38621 implies Lambda equal to 18 which is equal to 5 / 77 let a represent the event that selected student have passed the examination ok sunao pure a submission of xxiv 20

footane pop point2point equal to the mission of liquid z110 I divided into I square divided by 35 rate so it is equal to 10 square divided into 11 square divided 385 rate so it is equal to 11/14 so now we have that given that event happened which is a unit pure into point2 points3

which is equal to 1358 into 10 by 10 / 11 by 14 so it is equal to 1 / 11 into 55 into 15 which is equal to 13025 right

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