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Trigonometric Functions


In a circle of radius r , chor...

In a circle of radius `r ,` chords of length `aa n dbc m` subtend angles `thetaa n d3theta` , respectively, at the center. Show that `r=asqrt(a/(3a-b))c m`


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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Solution : We can create a diagram with the given details.<br> Please refer to video for the diagram.<br> Now, in `Delta OAB`,<br> `cos theta = (r^2+r^2-a^2)/(2*r*r) = (2r^2-a^2)/(2r^2)`<br> `=>cos theta = 1-a^2/(2r^2)`<br> `=>a^2/(2r^2) = 1-costheta = 2sin^2(theta/2)`<br> `=>a =2rsin(theta/2)->(1)`<br> Now, in `Delta OCB`,<br> `cos 3theta = (r^2+r^2-b^2)/(2*r*r) = (2r^2-b^2)/(2r^2)`<br> `=>b = 2rsin((3theta)/2)`<br> `=>b = 2r(3sin(theta/2) -4sin^3(theta/2))`<br> From (1),<br> `=>b = 2r(3(a/(2r)) - (4(a^3))/(8r^3))`<br> `=>b = 3a-a^3/r^2`<br> `=>r^2 = a^3/(3a-b)`<br> `=>r = asqrt(a/(3a-b)) cm`<br>


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