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In a circle of radius 17 cm, t...

In a circle of radius 17 cm, two parallel chords of lengths 30 cm and 16 cm are drawn. Find the distance between the chords, if both the chords are : on the same side of the centre



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Updated On: 6-5-2021

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00:00 - 00:59hello main description is given that in a circle of radius 17 cm two parallel chords of length 30 cm and 16 cm is drawn ok here to find the distance between records about quotes are on the same side of centre ok so let's Doli circle first let me draw the figure was so called into question there is circle two parallel chords ok to support these are two parallel chords consider this as AB and this CD and length is given here 30 cm and 16 cm suppose this one a CD is 30 cm CD is 30 cm and a we consider this length 16 cm OK it is given that radius of circle is 17 cm and your to find the distance between chordates so let's draw the radius here this will be the radius of a circle
01:00 - 01:59from point O is the centre of the circle and similarly this will be the radius also ok now we are to find the distance between the courts near to find this value this distance hair so how we can find this value let me do it properly suppose this point as X and this is why so where to find the value of x y ok sure to find the value of x y and how we can find the value of x y x y value will be x minus y it will give me the value of my next superstar to find the value of x and y how we can find ok we are drawn perpendicular from the centre to both the courts near it is perpendicular to this this also ok now we also know that this perpendicular bisector divide record into equal house ok so let me try this X value will be equals to
02:00 - 02:59hair X will be equal to 8 cm and similarly be actual also because it's because their bisector have divided similarly value of my Shivay Shivay will be equal to 15 cm and divide will also be equal to 3 cm ok now we have most of the values now but will do we can use Pythagoras Theorem we are having value of hypothesis we are having value of base will find the value of altitude ok so first consider OLX a triangle ok square will be equal to sum of sparrow and sum of square of X this will be cool because of Pythagoras Theorem redmi right ok no substitute the values
03:00 - 03:59value of each and every time it is here it is the radius and we know that radius it is given that 70s show it will be 17 square and wakes we have to find this value ok and we have given the value of x which is 8 cm ok so from here value of x square will be 289 -64 ok so value of x square it will be equal to 25 ok aur this implies I can write next value it is square root of 225 which is 15 CM not having value of x now we have to find the value of a triangle Owaisi we will use Pythagoras Theorem here here Ho c square it is equal to over square + y c square because of
04:00 - 04:59Pythagoras Theorem ok now implement the values a radius it is given 17 square OK overvalue where to find this value and c y c value look hair wig advice value it is 15cm ok so it will be 15 square so from here over square it will be equal to 50 square minus 15 square that is 29 - 225 ok so value of over I will be equal to OK it is equal to 64 so value we will be CM name have value of over and over and I have to find the value of hair look xy and what I set x y is equals to x minus over let me do it again ok this was xy so its value we have 15 and Over value was it via calculated it is 58 is
05:00 - 05:59it ok so from here this implies we got value of our xy it is the distance between the cord it is equals to 7 cm so I can write therefore distance between the courts is equal to 7 cm find last thank you

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