In a certain A.P., the 24th term is twice the 10th term . Prove that the 72nd term is twice the 34th term .



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Updated On: 26-4-2021

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00:00 - 00:59start the questions with options that in a certain 8020 crore term is twice the 10th term prove that the 72nd term is twice the 34th twice that of the 10th term and we need to prove that the 72nd term is twice that of the 34 Tum let it be AP it is given by a n equal to 8 plus in minus 1 into
01:00 - 01:59number of can I do a 24 is equal to twice 8 and using the above formula will expand a 24 A20 4GB + 24 - 1 INR to BD equal to 2 into it and will be a into B A plus 23d equal to 2 into 1 + 1 + 23 d is equal to 3 Tier 2 in 28 28 + 2 in 29 days 18
02:00 - 02:59writing your 23d minus 3 is equal to a - 8 Udaipur b5d is equal to this value will take this equation 1 now the second part of the statement devices to prove 17 second term is twice the third and fourth term first what is expression for 7th 2nd term 72 will be equal to a plus using again the general term formula 72 - 1 in 2 days which is equal to apply equation for equal to in case of a will come 54271 me substituted the value of key
03:00 - 03:59will find the value of 34 34 will be equal to 1 + 34 - 1 into this is equal to again during place of Aba can find equation 1.5 + 33 from one should be equal to 80 of 34 equal to 17 we can see that you are getting a 72 equal to twice of 34 which was asking the questions were cancelled and thus we can conclude their 472 is equal to twice of a 34

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