In ABC, if B=600, C=800 and the bisectors of angles ABC and ACB meet at a point O, then find the measure of BOC.


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hello everyone let's start the question the questions that in a triangle ABC if angle b is equal to 60 degree angle C is equal to 80 degree and the bisector of the angle abc and ACB M 2.2 then find the measure of angle BOC so we have given that a triangle let's say this is a triangle ABC is a triangle ABC if we will name it let's say this is angle this is Angle B and this is angle C so bisector of angle abc and this will be the bisector so let's A1 bisector is passed through here and 1 by sector is passed through here sunao it meets at a point and this angle is complete angle is 60 degree and this angle is 80 degree we need to find this angle
so we have given that let se first in triangle abc we know that sum of all the angles in a triangle is 180 degree so we can conclude sum of all angles is equal to 180 degrees so that means angle BAC angle BAC + angle abc + angle ACB is equal to 180 degree that means angle BAC we don't know so it will be as it is + angle abc is 60 degree so that is 60 degree angle ACB is 80 degree that is 80 degree is equal to 180 so that will be Angle B is C + this will be 140 is equal to 180
so that means Angle B A C will be equal to 180 - 140 so that will be 40 degree so this is the angle BAC so we have find out this angle now this angle and this angle has a relationship so we can say that angle b is equal to relationship is 90 plus half of this angle this is a relationship between these two angles so we can conclude here 90 + 1 by 2 into angle is this is a angle is this is a 40 degree so if we will solve this will cancel or 20 time so from here angle BOC will be equal to 90 + 20 angle BOC will be equal to 110 degrees
final answer I hope you understood it thank you

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