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In A B C , if B D_|_A C and B...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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hello friend so here in the question green triangle ABC you have BD is perpendicular to AC and BC square is equal to AC into BD and where to put this one for you to go to this is the two and three point is what is the key point near T point is that it that BD is perpendicular on testing and BC is equal to 2 into right now let's first diagram and then will proceed so this is a diagram ABC and disease it is perpendicular on now where does that work question so the question on triangle altitude angle in triangle ADB what you have using Pythagoras theorem

have a b square is equal to add a square + b square right is angle ADB triangle question 1 will use it later now latest book 2 second triangle triangle BD what you have from bdc were using biography Ram have a square is equal to X square + b square now in question we have the value of p square what is the value of a square b square is equal to 22 City write this year will OBC interest on PC with right here to AC into CD to equal to City Square

what will do now will insert a square and will why we insert it is square here we will start to insert is a square for our to reach your target target is it is equal to AC so insert square so latest light square near DTU AC AC square Surendra cancel it doesn't make a difference for our first week of work if we are writing this we have City Square square Hotel do now will keep one square on one side and I will take all the time

set of three equation square we have a Scottish City square + b square minus 2 into look carefully lest we are getting up the formula of a plus b whole square show you suppose ok so this is a square b square and support -2 ABC show that the formula write the formula of square and other side we have also be square

what is -3 and now what will do now so that means we can write a square is equal to and inclusive 80 - City can I right here at a square b square y by using by using a look at the diagram on sea Queen what is the diagram we have here is DC whatever you say if you selected A C minor City will have added

Adda square right now now square is equal to now putting the biloba question 1 Part 1 in right here in a b square it from equation 1 and now it is the square so we have AC is equal to or equal to the required question ki thank you so much fun

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