In A B C ,\ /_B=60^0,/_C=40^0,\ A L_|_B C\ a n d\ A D bisects /_A such that L and D lie on side B Cdot Find /_L A Ddot



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Updated On: 6-4-2021

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00:00 - 00:59the given questions in triangle abc angle B equal to 60 degree angle C = 240 degrees perpendicular BC find angle LED so in this question Pyar Ki band value of Angle B is 60 value of angle series what are given a l perpendicular to BC that means that means angle 90 degree that's what is BC and AD bisects Angle A Angle that's bisect angle that means this angle will be equal to this angle this whole angle angle b a d
01:00 - 01:59Left Right Here Angle B A D = angle BAC this is what angle at else's so where to find the value of LED angle so if you just name the angle share it will be easier for us to understand later so let's say this is X this is where to find the value of LED that is a lady is why our main focus will be on why we have to find the value of Y here so if you look at this angle this is also 92 BC this angle is 90 and this is also the extent
02:00 - 02:59triangle cal cal by using exterior angle theorem states that interior opposite angle sum of interior opposite angle is equal to the exterior angle so this angle will be equal to the sum of this and that if you write here we can write it is the answer
03:00 - 03:59Google Now is we know that it is a right angle because a l is perpendicular to BC if ad is 90 degree Sabhi Pati value 90° angle is given that is 60° so that's 60 + b a l d l s b l that's the value of x from hair 90 - 60 so that gives us access to be 30° find the value of x that is 30° we have to eventually find the value of Y proceeding further we can say that if you take that whole triangle that is in triangle
04:00 - 04:59BC talking words old triangle will use the angle sum property using property of triangle that such that sum of angle of triangle is equal to 180 degrees so here angle A + Angle B and angle c equal to 18 now officially here angle is X + Y + Z Angle B is 60 angle C is 40 so we can write access X + Y + A + Angle B is 60 and angle C is what it costs to 180 degree now if you see here
05:00 - 05:59is bisector of angle that means this angle and third angle is so that X + Y = 2 if you right here X + Y = to see in the next statement will replace the value of Z by X + 160 and 40 that's hundred equal to 180 degrees We can do that why we do that because we have to find the value of Y eventually so that's why we write so that becomes 2 X + 2 Y + 100 = 21 xnx2
06:00 - 06:59581 Soya look at above we have find the value of x that is 30 degrees so we can put the value of x that is 30° to multiply 30 + 2 Y + 100 equal to 180 degree then becomes 23060 + 2 Y + 100 = 2y + 162 18660 next will be too I call this is that side 180 - 1 16 uses 20 degrees so to why is 25 I will be 10 degrees will be 20 by 2 so that Kristen Sofia find the value of
07:00 - 07:59that is angle angle equals to this is what we have to find this question and answer thank you

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