Class 11






Trigonometric Functions


In A B C , as semicircle is i...

In ` A B C ,` as semicircle is inscribed, which lies on the side `cdot` If `x` is the lengthof the angle bisector through angle `C ,` then prove that the radius of the semicircle is `xsin(C/2)dot`


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question Mein in triangle abc a semicircle in Scribe which lies on the site C if x is the length of angle bisector of triangle then prove that the radius of semicircle is ex 9C back to sabse Bade figure triangle ABC to yah Centre iska Leta Hun theek hai site to Dekho is speaker Se Kya Hoga half into our into a plus half into a into b is equal to half into a b into sin C replies are commonly ke a + b = 2 to Delta theek Hai Betaab area of a +

b u r k value Itni Ave theek hai to access value kitne Degi Yogi act kya tha angle bisector of angle seat valve ho jayegi to ab upon A + b cos C by to calculate angle bisector Kitni Hoti Hai Itni hoti hai theek hai theek hai to equation 1 Sahi Kuchh Mane yahan se kiya Jaega this implies a request to 2 into 1 by 2 science upon A + B sin to cos 2 upon 1 + b vector Jaega ab cost to upon A + B

into sin 2 minut kiski hai to Abhi apni + cos 2x 2x sin by theek hai to evaluate Tyagi Hamari exercise 9C bhatu Ke Humko Roop karna X2