Class 11






Trigonometric Functions


In A B C ,A(2pi)/3,b-c=3sqrt(...

In ` A B C ,A(2pi)/3,b-c=3sqrt(3)c m` and area of ` A B C=(9sqrt(3))/2c m^2,t h e nB C=` `6sqrt(3)` (b) `9c m` (c) `18 c m` (d) `27 c m`


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state that triangle ABC is equal to 5 by 3 equal to angle abc is equal to 9.2 CM square then find the value of area of triangle formula is Delta is equal to and a is equal to area of triangle is given that is line route 392 angle A is angle 8253 white

53 it is equal to 1 by 2 value of sin 2 pi by 3 OBC is equal to 3 into 2 into root 3 outcome and 232 349 2018 equal to the value of P - equal to d - 36

both side we get minus b whole square is equal to or it is equal to b square + c square minus b square is 99 2327 square + c square is equal to minus 18 equal to 27 pocket square + b square is equal to 27 + 32 cosine law

a square + b square value -23 CBCS that is equal to minus 18 25 minus one by two equal to a and minus 5 + 3 equal to 81