In ABC,a,candA are given and b1,b2 are two values of the third side b such that b2=2b1. Then prove that sinA=9a2c28c2


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question given that in triangle abc a b and a given and even between the two values of the third side BC such that it is better to be one tell me to prove that sin is equal to under root of 9 a square minus b square to start this problem by writing course is equal to b square + c square minus A square divided by 2 BC is equal to 20 square - 2 cos A + B square minus A square is equal to zero we know that we were + 2 is equal to two sequences and B1 and B2 is equal to
syska message question this is our quality questions will get some of it is equal to this and product of whose ho to this as it is only given that even be to Dekho to price of even putting the Beatles were to be when will get 31 is good to see course you should forgive us we will is equal to see why two sequences and from here really get it better to be when will get to be one square is equal to C square minus A square so we can say that is that question 1 this is equation to supporting value of B1 in equation 22 we will get why is
3 by 2 cos A equal to C square minus A square by the solving it will get 8C square 1 minus sin square is equal to 9 c square minus sin square which give us sin is equal to under root of 9 c square 9 x square minus C square divided by 8 square and therefore fruit

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