In a /_\A B C , right angled at B , A B=24 c m , B C=7c m . Determine (i) sinA ,cosA (ii) sinC ,cosC



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Updated On: 11-3-2021

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00:00 - 00:59student the question given year is in a triangle ABC right angled at B and here it is given that AB is equal to 24 cm BC equal to 7 cm determine but one that is sin a cos A and B to that is time se costing so here there let's look at the right angle triangle this is the right angle triangle perpendicular and the best of the right angle triangle is this and another important and other side is high protein as of this writing ok it is given that 90 degree at the point be ok this is 90 degree at this point is be this is a this is say it is given that equal to equal to 24 24 basic 12727
01:00 - 01:59this is 7 cm calculate the square + b square is equal to square means 24 whole square ok loss basis for win7 whole square equal to 576 + 49 ok which is equal to 625 ok square equal to 25 30 min that where route of 625 is equal to 25 ok now we will be calculate the value of all the celebrate 1 and 2 ok so your only one concept is that if angle A ok Jaise Tu sign that means your
02:00 - 02:59change the according to the side opposite to angle that makes the side opposite to a ok that time that you are the we have to find the value of sin that means for angle A we have to find the value of sin ok that means for angle A the opposite government perpendicular is 7 cm and base is ab ok and four angles se whose opposite side is a b is the perpendicular and BC is the best Ok so here are perpendicular and best changes according to ok with reference to Angle A Angle that is basis of perpendicular and Angle B and angle C is the perpendicular so fast and fast cash beat work it is asking us time and cost
03:00 - 03:59ok so fast I will calculate sin a equal to perpendicular / for angle A the opposite side is placed perpendicular Basa / hypotenuse AC is equals to basement 725 ok and cos a cos A equal to Cos A = 2 best / best men's work for angle A basis that means a b / hypothesis which is equal to 24 / 25 ok now the second one now the second one that is sin and Cos A sin se and cost-effective find the value of sin sin and Cos A sofa table calculate sin Singh which is equals with perpendicular
04:00 - 04:59power angle staying for angle C perpendicular is 124 which is a p Shoaib / / ok hypotenuse always reminds them of science a equal to work quantico divided by 25 and cos a cos A equal to what best / angle se message Basa / 7 / ok thank you

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