In a A B C , if /_B=/_C=45^0, which is the longest side?



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Updated On: 28-3-2021

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00:00 - 00:59hi students are question is that in a triangle ABC if angle b is equal to angle C which is equal to 45 degrees which is the longest side so let's say this is triangle right this is triangle A B this is Angle B and angle c equal to each other so your left right as a right B and C and B and C are equal to 45 degrees each now we have to find angle isosceles triangle A + Angle B + angle C is equal to 180 degrees this is angle sum property that the sum of all the all the angles of triangle is equal to 180 degrees angle A + 45 degrees + 45 degrees is equal to 180 degrees angle 8 plus 90 degrees is equal to
01:00 - 01:5980 degrees angle A will be equal to 180 - 90 which is equal to 90 degree right angle is equal to 90 degrees so we know that the side opposite to greatest angle is the longest so we can know that out of all the angles 90 degree greatest angle so opposite side is busy so we can save PC is the longest side BC is the longest side reason site opposite to greatest angle greatest angle is the longest ride is long as they were busy is the longest side which is the hypotenuse that as this is a right triangle friend right triangle hypotenuse hypotenuse is the longest side

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