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In a A B C ,\ E\ a n d\ F are...

In a A B C ,\ E\ a n d\ F are the mid-points of A C\ a n d\ A B respectively. The altitude A P to B C intersects F E\ at Q. Prove that A Q=Q P.



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Updated On: 2-4-2021

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00:00 - 00:59the question is that in triangle abc E and F are midpoints of AC and ab respectively the altitude AP to BC intersect at P and Q prove that PQ is equal to keep we need to draw a diagram for this so this is a diagram where we have triangle ABC and altitude AP which intersect at now in triangle abc D and e are midpoints of Ab and ac respectively therefore by mid point theorem we can write EF is parallel to dc now this implies
01:00 - 01:59on if we have a few lines show fq will be parallel to on DC we have BP line so it can be written as if Q is parallel to DP now in triangle abc e is the midpoint of a b and q is parallel to VP therefore by Converse of midpoint theorem we can write this implies Q is need of AP which implies it is equal to improve I hope you to destination thank you

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