In a A B C ,\ A=pi/3\ a n d\ b : c=2: 3. If tanalpha=(sqrt(3))/5,\ o<alpha<pi/2, then B=60^0alpha (b) C=60^0+alpha B=60^0-alpha (d) C=60^0-alpha



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Updated On: 19-8-2021

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00:00 - 00:59this question was given that in a triangle ABC if angle is equal to pi by 3 and B ratio 2 ratio 3 and value of tan theta is equal to root 3 by 5 value of theta lies between 0 to pi by 2 then this question was given that the ratio 3 is equal to 2 by 3 and value is equal to root 3 divided by 5 ok now we know that the formula of 10 B minus 3 by 2 by using Ne peace and allergies given by b minus C / b + c into court a bi to ok fayde solving the given that bireswar 623 so we can therefore we can take sicoma from this we get 10 B minus C / equal to string in sequence of nominal diameter Lagate b y c minus one
01:00 - 01:59world by BBC plus one ok into court AV2 ok 15 the solving the given the valuable lesson 16 years 10 B minus 3 by 2 is equal to 6 CM will get BBC - 1 / b y c plus one coat 62 which is 30 degree ok has a given that quote is equal to angle is M pi by 3 ok the device is given to us we can write the value of will come out to be 2 by 3 minus 1 divided by 2 by 3 + 1 into ko 30 degrees is given by 2 minus y minus 1 by 3 /
02:00 - 02:595 by 3 ok frequency of 3 into root 3 and answer as minus root 3 by 5 as you can see minus value of minus root 3 by 5 is equal to 10 theta only is given to us as we argue that enters 2 root 3 by 5 Satish to become minus tan theta then find the soul wink will take do so but whatever is 10 B minus C divided by 2 is equal to minus 10 theta ok number Tekken 10 inverse on both sides we can say that the value of C minus B by 2 is equal to this question we can say that the value of C minus b is equal to data which is equation fast ok have you know that really know that angle is equal to pi by 3 which is 60° we can say that we know the sum of angle of
03:00 - 03:59triangle is 180 degree we know that this a + b + c is 180 degree angle is equal to 30 degree say that we plus we'll be 180 - 20 120 degree so b + C is equal to 120 degree ok so this equation will at these two equations so we can start really get to see is equal to 2 theta + 2 pi by 3 which is 120 only ok so well you see from the situation will come out to be theta + 5 by 3 ok and by subtracting DishTV questions we put value of sin theta pi by 3 will get theta + 5 by 3 minus b is equal to 2 theta find the solving this equation we can say that the
04:00 - 04:59value of theta will come S pi by 3 minus b ok this question you find the value of B value be will be M pi by 3 minus theta this question given that is good fibre CBSE is the title of this and theta is equal to pi by 2 then then we can say that the value of C is equal to 3 and value of Beta value 20 53 - theta so this is our time sustainability of dissolution

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