In a A B C ,\ /_A=50^0a n d\ B C is produced to a point Ddot If the bisectors of /_A B C\ a n d\ /_A C D meet at E , then /_E= (a)25^0 (b) 50^0 (c) 100^0 (d) 75^0



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Updated On: 27-3-2021

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00:00 - 00:59students in this question to given us in triangle abc angle A is equal to BC is produced to a point P is the bisector of angle ACD are then angle is equal to angle ok now it is given that the side BC is produced to D ok ok if the bisectors of angle abc the bisector of angle abc and bisector of angle is this meet at ok so this would be a success meet Aati IOB need to find
01:00 - 01:59angle the angle is equals to 50 degree ok only see in this question that the side ab is parallel to ab is parallel to see so I can say that alternate interior angles will be equal angle BAC is equal to what is the alternate interior angles ok so what we get is angle ACB is equal to 50 degree c is the bisector of the angle ACD angle ACD is equal to angle which is equal to 200 degree right and we also know that some of 20
02:00 - 02:592 is equals to hundred degree ok exterior angle property of an angle 30 degree ok now letters also find angle C so by applying angle sum property formula in triangle abc angle A + Angle B + angle 30 degree and Angle b is equal to 90 degree angle C comes out to be 180 degree minus hundred degree daughters 80 degree now let us see and another tree and BC ok so
03:00 - 03:59song triangle BCA in triangle BC we can also apply the angle sum property it is the this angle ok this angle will be Angle B is the bisector of the angle B and Angle B and angle AC + angle is so let us try this dress will be by to these two angles 1st angle and 3rd angle is a + angle ECE + Angle B and angle C is equal to 180 degree angle b b daughters 50 degree upon to and what we got from angle AC angle ACB is 50 degree
04:00 - 04:5950 degree + angle C is 80 degree + angle is equal to 180 degree this will be 25 degree + sin 30 degree + angle is equal to 180 degree angle in comes out to be a 180 degree minus 1 55 degree that is 45 degree now let us see which option is correct the right option of this question ok thanks

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