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Class 12






Definite Integration



Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Solution : `x=int_(0)^(y)(dt)/(sqrt(1+9t^(2)))` <br> Differentiating w.r.t `y`, we get <br> `(dx)/(dy)=1/(sqrt(1+9y^(2)))` <br> or `(dy)/(dx)=sqrt(1+9y^(2))` <br> or `d/(dx)((dy)/(dx))=d/(dy)(sqrt(1+9y^(2)))(dy)/(dx)` <br> or `(d^(2)y)/(dx^(2))=(18y)/(2sqrt(1+9y^(2)))sqrt(1+9y^(2))=9y` <br> or `a=9`

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Sofia active in this x is equal to Limit 0 to why we have TT upon 1 + 9 30 queries so on solving this we have his ex is 025 and we have it upon 1 + 90 square near sobo Soviet system according to laminates rule we have integral you of x2v of xef4 of x dx differentiation of taste with respect to we have DX is a photo of upper limits that is VFX into differentiation of upper limit -4 of us that is lower limit into differentiation of

of x if this is true of X so applying this rule and differentiating this with respect to De by his limit is why should we buy DY of this and differentiating it be devoid of this so we have according to this rule will differentiated so we have DY by DX is equal to we have this so applying this rule here we have therefore upper limit so we have one upon under root of 1 + 9 y square and differentiation of upper Limb and that is the binding of Y - we have a fore of lower limits ofb have one upon under root of

oneplus 9 in 20 square and we have DY DX of zero here so if you see this device acts of zero will busy so I will be why not X so this term here is zero so and this according to why this excess constant Sobi Sobi have DX Upon The White storm here is this is one upon under root of 1 + 9 y square so we have the y by DX we have just reciprocated it so this will be also reciprocal so we have one + 9 y square so so again differentiating with respect to X because we have to solve 42 I went 3 x square so we have tea to why buy

square this will be equal to 1 by 2 x of 1 upon under root of 1 + 9 y square and we have according to chain rule we have differentiation of this will be 922 is 18y here and we have DY by DX so this value DY by DX is equal to this two and this will covid-19 Sofia 9 vi and we have one upon under root of 1 + 9 y square and there will be DY by DX is access oneplus 9 y square that is DY by DX so we have this term here and storm here will cancel out so we have d2y by DX square this is equal to 9 vi so so this is equal to a why so this way and I will cancel out

so from here we will be equal to 9 the value of Aries 9 thank you

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