If |z|=2 and locus of 5z-1 is the circle having radius a and z_1^2+z_2^2-2z_1z_2 cos theta=0, then |z_1|:|z_2|= (A) a (B) 2a (C) a/10 (D) none of these



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Updated On: 30-6-2021

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00:00 - 00:59hello students of the question for today is it more equal to 2 and the locus of 5z -1 is the circle having radius A and B are also given that 1 + 2 square - 2 Z1 Z2 cos theta is equal to find the ratio of models At Me Now mode of said is given as ok now we will just right Z2 as it is equal to 5 Z - ok 5z -1 to the left and I will take 2 + 1 is equal to 5 Z so therefore this early modern rustic modern book size so therefore we love Mod of Z2 plus 1 is equals to show modified zn physically five times more of the model is given as to this issue we will get the equation as mode of Z2 my + 1 is equal to 10
01:00 - 01:59Centre as -10 because there is no Complex part and the radius is equals to 10 of this circle and it can be written as basically that 2 - of -1 that's why the radius of the centre is -10 also given this equation is just right it here Z1 square + Z 2 square minus 2 root 2 cos theta is equal to zero dividing the whole equation by said to square on both sides will get inside one buys it to the whole square + 1 -2 is that 1 by 2 cos theta is equal to zero quadratic equation NZ won by the two ok so therefore we just for this quarterly question is a quadratic formula which is given by which is the variable in Java to find out is equal to
02:00 - 02:59minus b what is the value of minus b is equal to minus of - 2 cos theta cos theta minus root of B square minus 4 is a b square is - 4 cos square theta - 4ac is 4.2 the value of a is one solar pond therefore this can be written as Z2 is basically 2 cos theta 24 cos squared theta minus 1 CD minus sin square theta so we can have plus minus 2 sin theta upon to all the tools with cancer and it will be basically it is equal to cos theta plus minus iota sin theta mode of Z1 upon Mod of Z2 ok with equal to MOD of this ok so this would be root of cos square theta + sin square theta
03:00 - 03:59visit equal to 1 upon 2 is equal to one but what we are given that we are given the answer them off to a and a accountant what is a is the radius of the circle which is the circle find out as they really should be the value of a is equals to 10 years from now we can check the option option is 10 into 10 20 and 10 upon 10 is equal to 1 which is the value of model Z1 and Z2 that we got ok with equal to what is therefore the final this question we can make the correct option because if the radius of the circle phase -1 we assume does it to so therefore the circle has radius 10 cm for the value of paste the correct answer is done on time is one thank you so much

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