If `z_1^2+z_2^2-2z_1.z_2.costheta= 0 ` prove that the points represented by `z_1, z_2`, and the origin form an isosceles triangle.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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this question is Z1 square + 2 square - 2 Z1 Z2 cos theta is equal to zero then we need to prove that the point represented by Z1 Z2 and origin 1000 for men isosceles triangle find out square - 2102 cos theta is equal to zero is equation by square yard to square yard to square one minor wear to get 1 upon 2 cos theta is equal to zero

if you look at it closely at a quadratic equation in the form of access + bx + c is equal to zero portion can be won over this will be B2 - 2 cos theta will be and this post and if you want the root of the equation that it will be given a minus b plus minus b square minus 4 upon Navratri find out for this equation to find the value of x which is nothing but that would lead to minus b minus minus two positive be a minus b cos theta + -

root 2 cos square theta minus 4 is one and she is one that only upon 2 cos theta minus 4 that will come out as to inside a square theta minus 1 minus sin square theta upon to get 102 will be equal to cos theta + sin square theta + sin theta and my root of minus iota and it is are the route

climb mod in both the town to give value of sin square theta minus cot theta we can write it as they do not want to become a model of Z1 reequil to get to know if I do this -0 I will be equal to not get to minus zero point of origin point point to point what will be the day

and what will be the distance between O and 2.0 now from this we can clearly see that these two unequal triangle draw a triangle with Z1 Z2 unknown origin point Nanda season isosceles triangle because two lines are equal to equal and effort we needed to do Z1 Z2 and reason for men in q

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