Class 11






Complex Numbers And Quadratic Equations


If z is a complex number satis...

If `z` is a complex number satisfying `z^4+z^3+2z^2+z+1=0` then the set of possible values of `z` is


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the question we are well if that is a complex number power 4 + x cube + 2 X square + 3 + 1 is equal to zero then we have to find the possible well ok with IT Solution what we have to be having the equation that is state power plus b cube + 2 X square + X + 1 equal to zero OK what we can write we can I get power plus b cube + 2 x square y square + 1 equal to zero 3 term 3 term that need to be scared to get scared to take care + 1 + 1

take one common from last three terms everyone into z square + b + 1 is equal to zero from here we can write square + Z + 2 into X square + 1 equal to zero ok to what we can write Eden square + 1 is equal to zero from here what we can write z square is equal to the square is equal to minus 18 so that means that is equal to root -1 + - 5 because I have nothing but it can we return red square + Z + 1 equal to zero it is a quadratic equation in paid from here that can be written

minus minus b minus 1 + - 19 / to Z is equal to minus 1 + final it will be under root 3 iota / to the possible values of having that can we plus minus plus minus 1 + final 235/2 four values of that are possible that can be kept in mind that can be - 1 + 2 root 3 by 2 minus 1 minus 23 to thank you