Class 11






Complex Numbers And Quadratic Equations


If |z+barz|+|z-barz|=2 then z ...

If `|z+barz|+|z-barz|=2` then z lies on (a) a straight line (b) a set of four lines (c) a circle (d) None of these


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everyone let's start the question question says that if modulus of Z + Z plus modulus of z9z 12 = 22 lies on a set of four lines a circle or none of these two equation given to us that is mode of Z + that bar + Mod of Z - That bar is equal to 22 this is given to work now let us assume that Z is equal to X + Y now if Z = 2 X + 8 wide and that was that is conjugate of Z is equal to 1 minus sin theta by substituting the values and above an equation equation what we are getting we are getting their X + 8 Y + X - 2y Mod + X + item

minus x + Y is equal to 2 and write down the sun as 2 X Mod of 2 X + 2 Y is equals to 2 this one can be written as under root of 2 x square flash under root of 2 y square is equals to 22 above equation can be written as 2 X + 2 Y is equals to 2 which is the equation of straight line hence we can see that Z lies on the line and Z lies on the straight line which option

option A is the correct answer option thank you