If z = `barz` then z lies on

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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(a) x - axis (b) y - axis (c) origin (d) none of these

Answer :


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start the question the person says that if Z is equal to Z words and that lies on option x-axis option b y Axes option C origin option d none of these so here is given that Z equal to get back then you need to find where is and allies who is given Z equal to Z and your substitute the values so we know that there is nothing but X + 5 Y is the conjugate of Z so this will be x minus I can see X and X gets cancelled on both sides I want + Y equal to zero and two equal to zero is nothing but why is equal to zero so we can see that the imaginary part is zero imaginary is zero before we can say the

number z is purely real because the imaginary part has become zero that is why is equal to zero so we can say therefore it lies on x axis is the correct option for the answer is option x axis thank you

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