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Class 12






Board Paper Solutions


If y=A e^(m x)+B e^(n x), show...

If `y=A e^(m x)+B e^(n x),` show that `(d^2y)/(dx^2)-((m+n)dy)/(dx)+m n y=0.`

Updated On: 27-06-2022



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English version it is given net Y is equal to a power into your mx + b into your NX 9 we need to prove that described by x square minus plus and introduced by X + 3 Y is equal to 0 9 first let's take the lhs of this equation X square y square - 3 + 1 into X + MN why we need to solve this to solve this first latest find DY by DX and Discover 100 square now differentiate the equation with respect to X we get DY by DX is equal to a am into e power x + b into your ex no differentiating this equation with respect to get the square y by x square is equal to a m square into e power x

+ b square into your NX 9 letters of described by x square and everybody else in this equation we get a m square upon X + b square into e power x minus plus and into the Texas A&M into a for MX + B then into a foreign X + MN into why is into for MX + b into a foreign X which is equal to a m square V power x + b square e power x minus y square upon x minus power x -

M and h n y minus b square e power x + a m e power x + bmm bmm into a foreign x now a m square for Amex main CM square river Max depth sensor + IBM in jQuery for an x minus b and query for Excel cancel - a.m. and 4 MX and place a m m and 4m X8 cancel in the same with students get cancel which is nothing 10 therefore lhs equal to Rs prove that the square x square minus A + 1 into X + 2 Y is equal to zero for the equation for the equation Y is equal to a into E4

10 bi into a for Linux


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