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If y^3-3x y^2=x^3+3x^2\ y , fi...

If y^3-3x y^2=x^3+3x^2\ y , find (dy)/(dx)



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Updated On: 14-4-2021

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00:00 - 00:59the question is if y cube minus 3 x y square is equal to x cube + 3 x square Y then find DY by write the knowledge knowledge differentiate with respect to x y cube definition of this is a square b square Now - of this 13 is constant cities as it is and definition of the text into y square by using product is first function as it is and definition of second position is differential of s function that is twice of y plus near the second position as it is and definition of first mention of differentiation of x with respect to access 12 into y12 NDT course to the
01:00 - 01:59addition of this x cube + y cube + 3 x square definition of the succubus 3 X square + 3 is constant voltage resistance using the RCM product definition of cost function so X differentiation of x square is twice of a second position as it is and differentiation of second position that is DY by DX and first position as so now let me tell you that what is product to the productive lives as when we are having to function that is if you're into we now if we differentiate them both in respect to X then it is first person definition of cost function and second position as definition of cost action and second person has now been representing differentiation by using this dash so you addition to b + b dash that means differential of s function into
02:00 - 02:59right here as we dash into you + you want to be dash let me just Chintu Chintu Chintu Chintu Chintu product by using this product Bihar differentiated doesn't that and that it is that when we having differentiation of x is foreign respect to the extent and minus 1 by using this we are differentiated this and here as we are having both impression that there is no need to write the aquatics or anything but you as we're having different different machine that is differentiating why function with respect to its that's why so as by using this
03:00 - 03:59chain rule and product rule and by using the formula in differentiation into square minus A minus of six x y minus 3 y square - 3 y square is equal to 3 X square + 3 22 that is 666 y x y + 1 by 2 find the value of a letter that you are on inside a square minus 6 Y
04:00 - 04:59India at RS 3 X + 6 Y and also place of he was right now here common that this and she also from here then we are having b y square near price of x square - 2 X Ray as we take this 3 x minus and is equals to endure also if we take three common from here to xy + Y is
05:00 - 05:59it can clearly see that this ticket cancel with this and we are having DY by DX DY by DX is equal to write the formula of X + y whole square that is X square + Y square + 2 X so that X square + Y square + 2 x minus 6 X + y whole square x + Y square divided by Y square - 2 x square - 8 x + Y is the questions find the value of x is equals to is equal to X + y whole square / y square - 2 x square - 8 x square and hence we can see that this is the final answer
06:00 - 06:59thank you

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