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If y = tan x tan 2x tan 3x, (s...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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Text Solution

`3sec^(2)3xtanx tan2x+sec^(2)x tan2xtan3x+2sec^(2)2xtan3xtanx``2y(cosec 2x+2 cosec 4x+3cosec6x)``3sec^(2)3x-2sec^(2)2x-sec^(2)x``sec^(2)x+2sec^(2)2x+3sec^(2)3x`

Answer : A::B::C


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in this question we have given that Y is equals to 10 X 10 into 10 to 1 into 10 3x and given that sin 2x is not equal to zero and we have to find the value of DY by DX superstar we write the equation Y is equals to 10 X 10 to 1 and 2 tan 3x sunao for the differentiation we multiply both sides by log so it becomes log Y is equals to log into 10 to 1 and 2 tan 3x so it is a formula that becomes log 10 X + log tan 2x + lock 10 3x sentence using the formula of log ABC recharge login + log bhi plus lock Si

sunao differentiating both side with respect to X it becomes 1 by Y into DY by DX is equal to 1 upon 10 x into sin square x 10 x definition is sensex square + 1 upon 2 X into x square x square 2x and into 2 + 1 upon 3 X into sec Square X into three snow in this we can write this tan x as sin by cos and in this year we can add this one up on cost so it becomes 1 by wire into DY by DX is equal to sin by cos and cause gets upset G cos x upon sin x into 1 by cos square x + in this it becomes cos 2x by

sin 2x into 1 by cos square x into cos 3x by sin 3x into 1 by cos square x into three so know it becomes DY by DX is equal to wire transfer this gets cancelled it is also get cancel this also get friendship so by seeing the question now multiplying this both by this two by two in this also and in this also so it becomes to buy this gets the formula of sin2x certifications to buy sin2x + this becomes 4 by

sin 4x + in this 6 by sin sixsix sixsix so since using the formula of 2 sin x into cos x which is sin 2x sunao so it becomes DY by DX is equal to Y into we can write the charge to construct 2 X + 4 cos 4x + 666 sunao taking common to from this had become so why into sorry to I into cos 2x + is becomes to cosec for this becomes 366 show the

option 3 is the sorry option to is the correct answer


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