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Class 12






Model Test Paper - 18


If y = sqrt(1+sqrt(1+x^(4))), ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

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question is if Y is equal to under root of 1 + root of 1 + x to the power 4 then prove that why into a square minus one by X is equals to X first of all the given equation is under under root 1 + root of 1 + x to the power 4 square on both side of square on both side it will become y square which is equals to 1 + root of 1 + X ^ 2 1/2 the left and x square minus one which is equal to under root of 1 + x to the power 4 sweet comes again again square both side OK Google square on both sides will use a formula a minus b square it becomes white power 4 + 1 - of two wife which is equal to 1 + X ^ now now one and one gets cancel out to the left equation is why power 4

+ 2 y square is equal to 90 we will find the definition of Y to Y 21 22 44 wide derivative of x power 4 x 4 x 4 gets cancelled out OK Google take common white wine to DY by DX will be and left on his wife on which is equal to X ok we can arrange is a y into y square - 1 / ok which is equal to x cube ok ok bye have to group so thank you


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