Class 11






Conic Sections


If y+3=m_1(x+2) and y+3=m_2(...

If `y+3=m_1(x+2)` and `y+3=m_2(x+2)` are two tangents to the parabola `y_2=8x ,` then (a)`m_1+m_2=0` (b) `m_1+m_2=-1` (c)`m_1+m_2=1` (d) none of these


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hello everyone in this problem with given that if Y + 3 = m 1 into X + 2 Y + 3 = M2 Express to other two tangents to the parabola Y2 = 8 x then option is M1 Pasand to equal to zero option B and one per cent equal to -1 and 1 + tan theta equal to 1 per Nabi so if we seen the problem we are given tangent 1 is Y + = M1 Express to expand this will get M1 X + 2 and also tangent to is given Y + 3 = and 2 X + 2 and expanding this will get and 2x two

tangents to the parabola Y2 = 8 arrange this 8X we can write letters or into to become 4x is the value of k for this parable to and we know that for any tangent to the parabola Y is equal to 4 this will be y square not why to Italy by square so y square equal to 4 x the tangent is given by Y equal to MX + c square value of this is so intelligent one the value of series 2m 1 - 33 for 10817 latest this week we'll to so to buy M1 similarly seatu will

be to M to minus 3 equal to equal to 2 by Andrew now if we subtract this question will get 2 m 1 - 3 - 2 and 2 minus 3 equal to 2 and 1 -2 and 2 this will get two time am 1 - M2 to time and 1 minus into minus I am 1 and 2 get cancelled will get M1 M2 equal to -1 now we have got this means that M1 and M2 are for police arrive opposite

sign if M1 is positive then M2 must be negative and M2 is positive Machhali negative and if you look at the equation which we provided the equation of the tangent are symmetrical symmetrical because only M1 and M2 are changed but the parabola y square equal to Airtel is symmetrical to both the time and the value of M1 M2 the mode of M1 M2 will be equal YouTube symmetry due to symmetry because the equation of the tangent are symmetrical to the parabola y square equal to 4 x now change the more of Eminem to equal therefore we can write repair become first part 1 modern both the set to enter into a mode will be equal to 1

and M2 square equal to one or and two can be equal to plus minus 1 similarly if therefore if you solve this M2 is + 1 then everyone will be - 1 + 1 in both the cases in both the cases M1 vs M2 is equal to zero and two equal to zero and check the option option is that one person to equal to zero