If x,y,z be three numbers in G.P. such that 4 is the A.M. between x and y and 9 is the H.M. between y and z , then y is



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Updated On: 14-4-2021

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`(b)` Let `x=(k)/(r )`, `y=k`, `z=kr` <br> `implies((k)/(r )+k)/(2)=4` ……..`(i)` <br> and `(2k*kr)/(k+kr)=9` ………`(ii)` <br> Solving we get `k=6`



00:00 - 00:59in the question x y z are the three numbers that are given in GP geometric progression and the Arithmetic mean between Y and Z is 4 no X and Y is 4 and the harmonic mean between Y and Z is 9 so we have to find why so as X Y and Z are in GP we can take x is equal to K upon Y is equal to K and Z is equal to K into our now we have given that automatic mean between X and Y is 4 so Arithmetic mean formula is X + Y upon 2 is equal to 4 this implies that now we will put X and Y value
01:00 - 01:59values ke Apon + K is equal to 8 for two will go that side not taking ke common from this one upon our + 1 is equal to 8 this will be our first equation now we have also given that 9 is the harmonic mean between Y and Z so 9 is equal to 2 Y Z upon Y + Z not putting the value it becomes too into ke into KR upon ke Plus ke are equal to 2 k square upon case common hair oneplus are these cables cancel this and it will be come to KR upon 1 + R this
02:00 - 02:59equal to 9 this will become our second equation now for the solving this first equation we get K R + 1 upon our is equal to 8 and this equation is to KR upon 1 + 6 is equal to 9 from hair oneplus are is equal to 2 ke aarop online now we will put this value in this value so ke upon our in 22 kar98k upon in 22 km is equal to 8 now will cancel this hour and this took a square is equal to 72 now K square is equal to 36 and K is equal to 6 which is also a
03:00 - 03:59call to Y so aur answer is option to

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