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If x=my+c is a normal to the p...

If x=my+c is a normal to the parabola x^(2)=4ay, then the value of c, is



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Updated On: 29-5-2021

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00:00 - 00:59hello student let's discuss the question if x is equal to M Y + c is a normal to the parabola y square equal to 4 a y then the value of C is so let's begin with solution of this questions of parabola is x square equal to 4 a y and it is given that this is acting as a normal to the parabola so what will do we will form the general equation of normal in the slope form for this parabola and then we compared to get the value of C soap for this parable of the general equation of normal in terms of slope is given by Y equal to X + 28 + capital m square where M is the slope of this line so what we will do we will make this equation into this format and then we will compared to get the value of slope and intercept this Si so let's like this equation this will be executed to avoid plastic so from here this x minus 3 days will be equal to M Why this Why will be equal to X
01:00 - 01:59I am -3 and so we will just compare this equation so let me right this is why equal to X bi M and here will be minus 3 Y M this is our equation so from here the coefficient of this and these are equal to from here we can say that the coefficient of x and x 12 equal and the coefficient of constant term and constant term they will be cool stuff from here this one by the coefficient of X this can be created to this M capital from here capital and this will be equal to 1 by small M2 from here and comparing this Coefficient is constant that is this constant term with this constant term of our 10 our normal so from here this minus 3 by and this minus 3 by this will come out to be to a + b square capital m square now what we will do you will just substitute the value of capitalism in this equation from here this will be my Naseeb I am here and here I will be to a
02:00 - 02:59there will be a upon this will be won by M so 1 by m square so from here minus 3 by M this will be equal to 2 and here will be this a square so multiplying this time with this side we get minus equal to minus 2 a.m. here will be plus 2 a.m. and plus a m cube so taking this minor side this side so we get C is equal to minus 2 a.m. and here will be -2 this is the value of the constant Dumpty for this equation so from this answer to this question will be optional that is equal to minus 2 a.m. - thank you

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