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If x=(log)_k b=(log)_b c=1/2(l...

If x=(log)_k b=(log)_b c=1/2(log)_c d ,t h e n(log)_k d is equal to 6x b. (x^3)/2 c. 2x^3 d. 2x^8



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Updated On: 12-6-2021

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00:00 - 00:59where is given that is X equal to X equal to lock a b is equal to log BC and is equal to 1 by 2 1/2 lock cd1 by to lock CD and we know that in law am can be written here log M 10 to power in this can be written x is equal to lock low KB and lock BC and is equal to hair lock sea route de lock sirodi now we can also know that is if log am based in this is equal to we can write hair look am / login we can write a login / login so we can say that is X equal to log bhi / similarly X equal to lock C / log bhi and the last we can say that is X equal to Lo loot De / lock scene
01:00 - 01:59/ lock see if the if you multiply this 3 term that is x cube x cube is equal to log bhi multiply multiply with this time that is lock C / log bhi and the last term is lock route De / so these are cancel out and this is equal to hear Lok rudy / Lok ke again we using this base formula so we can write here x cube is equal to log ke lute D and again this rudy power comes here so this is equal to 1 by 2 Lok KD can find it is block KD this is equal to log ke is equal to hair to x cube 2 x cube so value of this is equal to 2 x cube that is option numbers is correct thank you

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