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If x^5+y^5=5\ x y , find (dy)/...

If x^5+y^5=5\ x y , find (dy)/(dx)



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Updated On: 13-4-2021

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00:00 - 00:59here the question is if x raise to power 5 + Y is per 5 is equal to 5 into X + 10 find DY by DX now here we are having excess power 5 + Y riste power 5 this is equals to 5 into 5 x x y we differentiate both sides with respect to extend a week and it has 5 into 10 power 4 + this definition of this virus by 5 is effective exercise 5.2 virus to power 4 DY by DX NTSE equals to 5 is concentrated acids and definition of the Saxon to by using product rule is accepted and definition of why is DY by DX + Y is the definition of the text with respect to X is one of their is no need to write your one because you know it why into one is one so here if this would further so you can write that 5 into 10 power 4 + 5 into 10 to power 4
01:00 - 01:59into DY by DX is equal to 5 facts DY by DX + 5 Y Nau I was all for the earlier we can write that 5 into virus to power 4 x minus 5 into 10 equal to 5 Y - 5 x least for now we take five common from both lhs and RHS then here now if we take 5 into 5 into DY by DX common from less than it is here why is power 4 minus x and y if you take 5 only five common than your we are having Y - Access for now from Every Can clearly see that this five get cancelled with his wife and we are left on level DY by DX is equals to minus x power 4
02:00 - 02:59+ / virus power 4 minus x now let me also tell you that our writing that the definition of the success for food + virus file sizes and definition of this is suggested by using knowledge it is at DY DX of X rays power and is equal to N in Texas for and -1 Subah using SBI differentiated and for this for this also that for definition of this why is Dukh of 5 by using this here it is a distance of 5.2 virus before and when we have in the sense that is why we have to differentiate wifistudy physics projects near DY by DX is also known as the change and for here and let me also tell that when we having any constant of multiply divide with the success for internet and from here as we having 5 accounting terms it is as is and as a schedule that the definition of the section to Wi-Fi using product also product rule is as when having d by DX of DY by DX of that se to function that
03:00 - 03:59you and we then it is you as it is and definition of we are presenting the differential differentiation and Vedas show you into b.des + cos function derivative so why you dash into we should be using this we are differentiated this and as the questions to find DY by DX and sequence value of DY by DX is equal to Y minus x raise to power 44 - and hence we can say that this is a final answer thank you

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