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If |[x,3, 6],[ 3, 6,x],[6,x,3]...

If |[x,3, 6],[ 3, 6,x],[6,x,3]|=|[2,x,7],[x,7, 2],[ 7, 2,x]|=|[4, 5,x],[5,x,4],[x,4, 5]|=0, then x is equal to a.0 b. -9 c. 3 d. none of these



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Updated On: 2-4-2021

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00:00 - 00:59positive integers X 36 36 x 6 x 3 it is equal to second it was 27 second act 72 and 37 to extract and it is equal to the third term is 45 x 5 x 4 and x 45 and O3 determinants or equal to zero then x is equal to zero option b - 9 light and airy NC free and open D none of these ads in this post we have a Thi determinants first second and third as you all three determines how is equal to zero at now we're going to use hair elementary operation which is we will applying see one goes to see 1 + 2 + C3 in all three determined after applying this element
01:00 - 01:59the value of Vitamins is was determined it as it is equal to S treatment will draw waterfall determined that the second term as it is also equal to determine that it is so festival where id value of first man becomes by using this operation is one plus 8 plus it means even goes to 7 + 32 + City right so here X + 9 X + 9 night and also it is X + 9 X + 9 X + 9 X + b but second and third column in same it is 36 x 6 x 3 now we are going to use the element of lesson 2nd column which is taken determined so it's come
02:00 - 02:592 + X + 7 sweet gift Express 9 date and year X + 7 + 2 X + 9 light and air it gives OLX Express 9 but second and third column is a which is here X 72 and air 72 X right now we are going to this element operation using entertainment CEO + 2 + 3 X X + nine year also write its gifts for + 59 + 100 it gives Express 9 in here you can see that it is also X + 9 second column in third column in same which is 5 x 4 and you can see that xvi32 meant that in all that remains is equal to zero right now we are going to take in common
03:00 - 03:59class 9 from c123 determined it so it becomes a pivoting common X + 9 from first determined then left here only 111 Britannia 6 x 6 x 3 x + 9 second determinant of first column then you will get here this is equal to X + name from S determine which is here Express 9 right now the first column which comes after taking common Express 9 it gives 111 Friday Kolam with the same X 72 72 is equal to 3rd term
04:00 - 04:59which is here Express 9 Lite 5 x x + 3 x 4 x + sin 45 red sore not pregnant taking common X + 9 from 733 comes after taking common X + 9 is here 111 Titanium you are left only with 5 x 4 5 x 4 in air act for 5 years in the old Testament is equal to zero if you take if you can see that the treatment is equal to zero is this value is 0 or cancer development comes off the right that this value comes off the same 438 eventbrite Sohail
05:00 - 05:59X + 9 becomes zero its give the all treatments become zero because product 20000 if X + 9 is equal to zero then you can say that the all statements become zero you can give the value of x is equal to 9 at x is equal to 9 the all three determines becomes you find that you hear or see that the option b is equal to minus 9 this is correct answer write thank you

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