If x2+y2=x2y2 then find the range of 5x+12y+7xyxy .


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Indus question we are given if X square + Y square is equal to x square into y square then we have to find the range of 5 x + 12 Y + 7 X Y upon X super St Paul I will write the equation which is given in the question so I can write this equation as X square + Y square upon x square y square is equal to one right I have shifted to the Dominator of left side and I will get one upon y square + 1 upon x square on spreading the terms it is equal to 1 and now we also know that it cost square theta + sin square theta is equal to 1 and we can assume that Y is equal to secant theta because if we
wages that cos square theta then we will get you consume Y is equal to sin theta and X equal to cos secant theta right now we will write another equation which is given in the question that is 5 x + 12 Y + 7 x y on x y no spitting items we will get 5 upon by + 12 upon X + 7 now we can write this as 5 cos theta class 12 sin theta + 7 we know that a sin theta
+ b cos theta lies between root of a square + b square minus of root of a square + b square and positive root of a square + b square so similarly we can write a in place of recent l we can write 12 sin theta + b cos theta and we can write 5 cos theta and table between 144 + b square is 25 right now we will get -13 with this right so 12 sin theta + 5 cos theta + 7 will lie between we will at 7 on both left and right side and you will get - 13 to 7 and 13 +
7 b - 13 27 is -6 so this will lie between minus 6 and 20 so this is a required range and this is our answer thank you

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