If x2+y2=4 then find the maximum value of x3+y3x+y


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in this question given that X square + Y square is equals to 4 and we have to find the maximum value of x cube + y cube whole divided by X + Y now we know that cos square theta + sin square theta is equals to 4 so if you let X is equals to 2 cos theta and Y is equals to 2 Sin Theta then this equation will be satisfied now consider x cube + y cube all divided by X + Y so this will be equals to X + Y into x square minus x y + Y square whole divided by X + y a substitute the value of x + Y so will get 4 cos square theta - 2 cos theta into 2 sin theta + 4 sin square
theta old / one because X + Y and X + Y will get cancel so this equation will be equals to no cos square theta + sin square theta is one so we get 4 - 4 cos theta sin theta and this is equals to 4 - 2 x of 2 cos theta sin theta into cos theta sin theta sin 2 theta weekend for minus 2 Sin 2 theta now we know that Sin of 2 theta lies between -1 to 1 and this implies that -2 of sin 2 theta will lie between - 22 24 - 2 Sin 2 theta will I from for -224 Plus two that is 4 - 2 Sin
2 theta Villa between 226 and hence its maximum value will be 66 is the answer of this question

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