If x, y, z are in A.P. and tan^(-1) x, tan^(-1) y and tan^(-1)z are also in A.P. then show that x=y=z and y≠0



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Updated On: 18-4-2021

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Text Solution

`x = y = z``2x = 3y = 6z``6x = 3y = 2z``6x = 4y = 3z`

Answer :
Solution :
`2y = x + z` <br> As `tan^(-1)x, tan^(-1) y, tan^(-1) z` are in A.P., we have <br> `2 tan^(-1) y = tan^(-1) x + tan^(-1) z` <br> `rArr 2 tan^(-1) y = tan^(-1).(x+ z)/(1 -xz)` <br> `rArr tan^(-1).(2y)/(1 -y^(2)) = tan^(-1).(x + z)/(1 -xz)` <br> `rArr (2y)/(1 -y^(2)) = (x + z)/(1 -xz)` <br> `rArr (x + z)/(1 -y^(2)) = (x + z)/(1 -xz)` <br> `rArr (x +z) {(1)/(1 -y^(2)) -(1)/(1-xz)}` <br> `x + z = 0 " or " 1 -xz = 1 -y^(2)` <br> `rArr y^(2) = xz` <br> i.e., x, y, z are in G.P <br> Since x, y, z are in A.P. and G.P. <br> `:. x = y = z`



00:00 - 00:59ok sugar level question where with if x y z are in AP then and tan inverse X 10 inches wide and there are also in AP OK then we have to show that x = 2y = 2 episode 21 vi Sadi Khol 2020 with solution first message with three things are given to us tan inverse X comma tan inverse Y comma tan inverse Z these are all in AP and we know that if a b c are in AP then a + = 22 B sum of first and third term will be equal to twice the term of second rate so we can write this one is as 2 tan inverse is the sum of tan inverse X + 10 inverse z right now we can write to 10 versus tan inverse Y + tan inverse y
01:00 - 01:59and this will remain same method is ok so this can the method formula what is the formula Aryan tan se tan inverse A + tan inverse B you know the formula for tan inverse attend SP tan inverse A + tan inverse will become tan inverse a + b / 1 - ab right so this can now be written as tan inverse vibration becomes to buy and this one becomes Y - 1 square because why do I become the product of and now tan inverse X + Z divided by 1 minus right now let's suppose we have this terms as a and this one
02:00 - 02:59this site only when equals to be quite so what do you do now will compare this to set to 1 by 1 minus y square = 2 X + Z by 1 minus x square at its take this equation number when we have it is given in the question that X Y and Z X Y Z are in AP it means that so it means that x y z in AP rate so we can write them as to a again xyz right now you can put this value here rate so this will become what express Z by 1
03:00 - 03:59y square = 2 X + 1 by 1 - X Z and this one will cancel out and will get the product as 1 - x z equal to 1 minus y square is this one and this will will cancel out and the left we have is a y square equals to exit ok so basically it shows that this is the property of GP write it means that x y z are in GP also we know that x y z are in AP 21 x y z are in AP and x y z are in GP then in this case when a peak was 2GB it so in this case we have edition X becomes why become Z2 all becomes equal to each other It becomes equal to have to prove so this is our answer

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