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If x, y, z are different and Δ=∣ ∣ ∣xx21+x3yy21+y3zz21+z3∣ ∣ ∣=0 then show that 1+xyz=0



if x y z are different and Delta is equal to 1 + Y square + y cube square 1 + Z Cube + x y z is equal to zero is dominant oneplus X and Y
y square + y cube and Square oneplus dominant is equal to 1 + 1 + 1 + this week and separate this determined to two different determine why Red Square and 111 determinant of read
when you why you determinant is equal to zero column to column row and column from the third row 111 it will become Y into dominant of
square 1 y square and final 1 z square equal to now this again one with 11.5 x y z into determinant of 111.8
equal to now we can take determinant of 11121 plus eggs 121 where is equal to 1 + x y z is equal prove that it will be
first column of the determined at vol 1 will do it from a to b and let this will check if this is true or not by minus x square minus x square minus x square minus equal to
why similarly z square minus x square minus into minus b square minus b square equal to minus b into X + b square minus x square minus 2 into determinant of 101 Y - a common portal
when plus x now we can simply SOL Y minus into into building Z + X + Y - X into x minus into minus minus y equal to order
why should be equal to Z equal to Y equation 1 so that X is not equal to Y and is not equal to Z is equal to from one get that do not true is true that 1 + Y equal to what we have to do for now we can write through


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