If x,yR, then the determinant =∣ ∣ ∣cosxsinx1sinxcosx1cos(x+y)sin(x+y)0∣ ∣ ∣ lies in the interval (a)[2,2] (b) [1,1] (c)[2,1] (d) [1,2]


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good morning everyone in this question it is given as our X and Y belongs to are then the determinant of the given function will lie in the interval to find the interval in which of the value of a function listen to the determinant is given such as that the SBI determinant is given as cos x minus sin x 1 sin x cos x 1 cos x + Y - sin x + Y and Z all we know the formula for these two that is cos x + Y and sin x + Y the formula for these two are for cors Express why it is cos x Cos Y minus sin x sin similarly for sin x + Y it will become sin x Cos Y +
cos x sin y now using this we can write h i will be equal to cos x minus sin 120 B cos x sin and this will be written as cos x + Y cos x Cos minus similarly this time will be written as sin x Cos y Plus this is how the right and there is a minus Sin A minus and they should become cos cos x sin now we have this function so if in all three we subtract
from or we subtract are given by x cos x cos square with R and we add signed by multiplying two hour to give you get a function or determined to be it is I will be equal to this would make a cos x minus sin x 1 sin x cos x 1 this this value will become for zero to become sign or and if we multiply and subtract these two values will get 0 so I can be written as if we open the determinant from
this value we will get a value to be signed by minus Cos x cos square x minus sin square x cos square this value A B minus sin square A show the valley hair become sin Y minus Cos Y this will become cos square x + sin square x and the value that is one in this function if it 1 - common out we will get cost this is a function this can be written as if we multiply and divide by root 2 will get minus under root 2 X 1 by under root 2 Cos A minus under root 2
Sin Y this is a value and we know that 1/102 this can be written as sin pi by 4 or Cos pi by 4 this both equal to so this value will be come to under root 2 minus under root 2 x 100 can be written as sin pi by 4 minus Cos pi by 4 sin love aur Pardesi per find Desh we can write minus under root 2 then side value will become sin pi by 4 minus theta that is a minus y this is a value Navya asked what will be the range of this
function was the range of this function will be the maximum and minimum value of sin x so maximum the value of sin x will be 1 and for minimum value of sin x will be Sainik will be -1 so here if you put one the value of I comes out to be minus under root 2 and if we put -1 will get my to be lessened the route to show the range of h i will be from minus under root 2 to 2 + under root 2 so according to the question answer will be a thank you

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